Energy momentum

I try hard to be mindful of who I follow on social media. That person really has to add value which I measure in a ratio of useful information per word. This is the same condition I treat myself with when I look from the other side. Today's read from Andy Bell about writing really emphasized that this evening and so here I am writing the following blog post.

I wanted to write about one good discussion I had today with a friend of mine. We were talking about what is my internal drive for taking the harder path of starting my own business rather than following what most people do - regular income, more stability and certainty.

My answer was energy. Energy is what dictates direction for me for the most part. It could be rationality in case of other person (maybe you, maybe not) but for me, the feeling does it and once I am starting losing it, I point my attention to something that gives me the missing energy.

In retrospect, I can see a handful of life moments:

  • working on any of my past projects gave me energy because of how creative and user-centered the solutions were
  • waking up at 4:45 AM for a morning run gave me energy because of school-life balance I was able to achieve with this activity at the time
  • deciding to work for a cool agency gave me energy because of unique company culture, modern tech and positive overal vibe
  • deciding to give up on my stable income gave me energy because I decided to pursue a dream bigger than me which is about building software that is inspired by nature
  • asking that girl out gave me energy because of how well she complemented me

What is your force? Do you observe similar energy momentum in you as I do in myself?