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Joex: Journal extension app

I wrote an article called Journaling extension back in the beginning of January which is about how I take my journal with me anywhere I go. Since then, I've learned to code in Swift UI and coded my own iOS app to make my journaling experience smoother. This article is about my reasons for writing my own app when there are thousands on the topic.

Journaling extension

I've been using Bujo as my personal productivity system since the beginning of 2023. I cannot express how impactful the journaling experience has been for me so far. Thanks to journaling, I live with more intention, authenticity and clarity. In this article, I want to share with you how I take my journal with me anywhere I go.

2023 in review

I had been busy with my Bujo yearly reflection for the past month or so. It took me 10 hours in total to complete. It is a summary of quartile summaries and a first attempt to approach a yearly review article in a more structured way. In front of me, there lays a list of highlights from 2023 - top wins and challenges in my life. Let’s take a deeper dive into the most significant events of the past year.

Expect updates

I've remained silent for a longer period of time this year. This was not planned. It usually goes like this when I overhype something in my head. Something I decide to do but am not committed enough towards. There are multiple reasons behind my failure to stay consistent with writing. Let me tease a couple of things that are currently in the making, which make it harder for me to focus on investing time into my personal digital garden.

Bujo method: Living with more intention

Bujo stands for Bullet Journal which is a method for bringing more intentionality into ones life by Ryder Carroll. Theare are alternatives such as more sophisticated personal productivity system called GTD (Gettings Things Done) created by David Allen. In this article, I state reasons why I am staying with Bujo for now although I think the two could be used in parallel.

Just take time off

Something is not working the way I initially envisioned. In case you don't follow me, in January 2023 I decided to get involved full-time in Sustainable UI. As it turns out, my body & mind have different priorities now which is why I have concluded it would be better for me to pause my work for now.

Entrepreneurial mindset in challenging times

Maybe you read my article 2022 in review. If not, I have summarized all significant events from the previous year that led me to eventually giving up on stable income and embark on my entrepreneurial journey with the ultimate goal of writing better software for the planet and humanity. In the following article, I am summarizing progress in 2023 so far regarding Sustainable UI open-source initiative and outlining several challenges I have encountered along the way till this day.

Energy momentum

I try hard to be mindful of who I follow on social media. That person really has to add value which I measure in a ratio of useful information per word. This read from Andy Bell about writing really emphasized that this evening and so here I am writing the following blog post.

2022 in review

Is it already too late to write a "year in review" type of a blog post in February? Definitely not! The end of 2022 was a hectic time for me so I deserved a proper time to relax. At the same time, January was transitional as I gave up on my full-time job in December to become a full-time volunteer in January. Interested in learning more? I would be happy to share my story with you.