Things I’ve made that I am simply proud of.

I like using and creating open-source software. This is the main reason why majority of projects that I have worked on are publicly available on GitHub. I left the doors open so that others can suggest me ways for improvement, but hopefully to inspire others as well.

  • edi

    No-code sustainable website builder

  • Sustainable UI

    Build UIs for the web that respect the environment

  • beautofuel

    My master thesis about reducing greenhouse gas emissions of car drivers

  • Gatsby Starter Template

    Gatsby starter for creating an internationalized personal blog website

  • Visma Assistant

    Voice assistant for employees of a company

  • Poďme si pomáhať

    Static website for a student initiative to help with COVID-19

  • Sedentti

    Sedentary time tracker for Andorid to motivate behavior change


    My bachelor thesis as a tool for version control of publications

  • Makač

    Sports tracker for Andorid

  • Block Puzzle

    Game in Java Spring