What I'm Doing Right Now

Welcome to 'Now Page', inspired by Derek Sivers. Here, I offer real-time updates on my current activities and projects, providing a glimpse into my present pursuits. Join me as I navigate through creativity and productivity, sharing insights into what I'm working on!


New wedding suit

With 3 weddings happening this year, and my only wedding suit being more than 7 years old, I have a feeling it is time for an upgrade. I want something fresh with brighter color.



No-code sustainable website builder that allows non-technicians to create eco-friendly websites. It leverages Sustainable UI open-source tooling under the hood.

Sustainable UI

Open-source technology behind edi's Low-mode feature. I've been developing this project since Carbon Hack 22, nowadays while working on the edi product.

Secret project

I've been working on a unique product for EarthShift Global and I cannot share more at this point of time unfortunately. It is related to the LCA industry, which is where we innovate.



Recording my life on paper and not social media. Reflecting on ideas to gather insight. This way, living with more intention. Also trying to balance introspection with hanging out with friends.


Journal extension iOS app for frictionless capturing of thoughts when away from paper journal to remain in the present moment.

Running, cycling and hiking

Keeping my body fit is one of my top priorities in life. Being surrounded by mountains makes this goal that much easier to achieve. I am trying to achieve consistency and exercise regularly instead of periods of bursts that I am used to more.

Phone with a telephoto lens

I am into mobile photography. Not only is it low-friction (adds near 0 overhead) but also allows me to express myself without the need to think too much. I need to upgrade my hardware to improve quality of my output because cropping is not the best way to go.

Last updated at 20/05/2024 13:55 in Poprad, Slovakia.