Expect updates

I've remained silent for a longer period of time this year. This was not planned. It usually goes like this when I overhype something in my head. Something I decide to do but am not committed enough towards. There are multiple reasons behind my failure to stay consistent with writing. Let me tease a couple of things that are currently in the making, which make it harder for me to focus on investing time into my personal digital garden.

What's new now

First and foremost, there is an email form on welcome page which you can use to give me, you guessed it right, your email address! One thing I am pretty sure about is that it's generally a great idea to build an audience. This year I've realized that this website receives a solid amount of internet traffic (not negligible for sure) and it is a shame that there wasn't a way for my people to leave me their email address. This changes today!

Upcoming new website

Speaking of things that are currently in the making, we are working on something amazing with my co-founder Albert (yes, we've nearly started our own business this year but more on that later in the "X in review"-type of a blog post that's coming this month). This something is a no-code sustainable website builder called edi. It is being built with our own SUI technology that is going to be open-sourced in the future.

This website is going to get an overhaul in 2024, using edi. This means it is going to be better optimized for the 4 aspects of web development many people are not talking about: accessbility (a11y), sustainability (s12y), performance (p9e), digital inclusion (d14n). At the same time, these 4 aspects act as core pillars for edi. If you are interested, head over to edi website to learn more and even request a beta access.


On the top of re-using existing content, among other features, the new website will have:

  • Page with people who inspire me: I am a result of a sum of people I let myself be surrounded by. My journey is significanly influenced by people I meet in my daily life, either in person or virtually. I am going to make the list public as I believe these people deserve a spotlight on this website.
  • Now page: This page is going to act as a single source of truth for discovering what I am doing at the moment (meaning this week or month). It is inspired by Derek Sivers, successful entrepreneur and book author I personally aspire to.
  • Blog comments section: I would love to engage with my people. Be it either via an email or a direct discussion in a comment section under the blog post I write.
  • Photo gallery with reactions: I call myself LFP - Low-Friction Photographer. Over the last years, I was able to take lots of shots that I think are worth sharing in the public space. I am working on a page where people will be able to react with likes as they would do on a social network such as Instagram, but without the need for an account - to make it low-friction.

What's next

Right behind the corner is the year 2024. For the past month, I've been busy reflecting on my steps in a yearly reflection as part of my Bujo process. You can expect me to share a public "2023 in review" post during the upcoming weeks. If you haven't already, feel free to read my 2022 in review blog post from last year. As 2022, 2023 was also an eventful one and I cannot wait to share with you how the journey looked like.